About Us

The Opera Studio Jerusalem is established for the promotion of the art of opera, and the nurturing of young talent in Israel as well as from abroad, through the intensive and individually tailored instruction by a renowned faculty of artists of international acclaim from the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera House, Vienna Staatsoper, the Mariinsky Theatre, Deutsche Oper Berlin and the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg among others.

Such complimentary training is paramount for the successful transition of young singers from an academic setting onto the professional opera world. By exposing our exceptionally gifted students to the highest of standards and work practices in the music world we will allow them to realize their full potential by honing their craft and to develop as true artists.

Our Aims

To encourage mutual cultural dialogue amongst nations, creating innovative opportunities to enhance and promote music and opera as one of the highest forms of art and universal language.

To spread musical culture amongst new generations, as well as motivating young artists by offering them the opportunity to further their careers and improve their professional technique.

To enable our singers to learn and develop through exposure to a wide range of professional backgrounds, through the comparison of different artistic methods.

To offer real professional opportunities of employment in the musical world.

To create an international network of musical employment involving further educational opportunities, musical training institutions, theaters and performances.

Our partners:

Summer Program 2018

10.07 - 05.08

Jerusalem Opera Masterclass

The Jerusalem International Opera Masterclass is a summer comprehensive opera training program, which is held each year and designed for emerging professional singers considering a career in Israel and Europe. We co-operate with professional opera festivals, theaters and European opera agencies.

The summer 2018 program of the Jerusalem International Opera Masterclass includes

The fully staged opera production of Verdi's "La Traviata" with one of the leading Israeli orchestra

The fully staged opera production of Mozart's "Don Giovanni"

The International Opera Competition

Semi-staged evening of the Operetta

Concerts and master-classes

Gala Concert with orchestra

Participants will work directly with opera famous stage directors, conductors and a renowned ‎faculty of teachers and coaches from the United States and Europe. ‎

Scholarships are available!



To audition live, fill out the application form, and note in the comments the city where you ‎would like to audition. You will receive an email confirming your application and giving you ‎instructions related to your audition.‎

22.12.2017 Live Auditions for Mozart's "Don Giovanni"

29.12.2017 The live auditions for "La Traviata" will be held at

26.01.2018 The general live auditions to all parts of Summer Program 2018


To audition online, fill out the application form, and submit a link to a YouTube video of your ‎audition. (The professional recording is preferable) You should submit an audition video with ‎piano accompaniment or with orchestra. You will receive an email confirming your ‎application.‎

NOTE: There is no deadline for online auditions, but early applying is recommended for early casting

Audition requirements

Please prepare two contrasting arias of your choice (one in Italian). Applicants who would like to be ‎considered for roles in “La Traviata” and “Don Giovanni” should submit the following materials: ‎

‎"La Traviata"

Violetta - "È strano! ... Ah, fors'è lui", "Addio, del passato bei sogni ridenti"

Alfredo - "De' miei bollenti spiriti / Il giovanile ardore"

Giorgio Germont - "Di Provenza il mar, il suol chi dal cor ti cancellò?"

Gastone - "È Piquillo un bel gagliardo biscaglino mattador"

Flora Bervoix, Annina, Marchese d'Obigny, Dottore Grenvil, Giuseppe, Flora's servant, Commissioner - any Italian aria from the Italian opera seria of 19 century

"Don Giovanni"

Donna Anna - "Or sai chi l'onore rapire a me volse", "Non mi dir"

Donna Elvira - "Ah, chi mi dice mai", "Ah, fuggi il traditor", "Mi tradì quell'alma ingrata"

Zerlina - "Vedrai, carino", Batti, batti o bel Masetto"

Don Ottavio - "Dalla sua pace la mia dipende", "Il mio tesoro"

Don Giovanni - "Deh vieni alla finestra", "Fin ch'han dal vino calda la testa", "Metà di voi qua vadano"

Leporello - "Notte e giorno faticar", "Madamina, il catalogo è questo", "Ah pietà signori miei"

Masetto - "Ho capito! Signor, sì"

Comandattore - "The Comandattore scena"

Application Fee & Tuition

‎50€ for online applications ‎

‎25€ (100 NIS) for life auditions

Tuition: 750€ estimated

All tuition deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances

Make sure to submit your application to receive future notices about auditions and Like Us on Facebook to keep up with changes

International Opera Competition

The International Opera Competition as a part of the Jerusalem Opera Masterclass takes place in Jerusalem, and is open for singers participants of the summer program. The main goal of the Competition is to assist the career development of talented young singers. It also acts as a bridge builder between the Israel and international music scenes. Through several rounds, a jury consisting of internationally renowned opera conductors, singers and casting associates from some of the world's top opera houses judge the participants' efforts.

Repertoire requirements

Candidates are invited to compile their own individual list of arias to be performed in the competition. The pieces presented in two rounds cannot be the same.


The repertoire list must consist of five opera arias. Consideration should be given to present arias in contrasting styles. Candidates are encouraged to include Israel music amongst their choices. The Competition has prepared a representative list of suggestions of works by Israels composers.

General requirements

Opera arias must be performed in the original key and, where possible, in their original language. Please note that you cannot perform the same works in the preliminary and the final rounds. The final rounds of the competition in Jerusalem are open to the public.

Rounds and repertoire

Preliminary round

All participants of JIOM summer program are invited to take part in the preliminary rounds. The repertoire consists of two self-chosen operatic arias from your repertoire list. Total performance time should not exceed 7 minutes. The pieces are to be performed with piano accompaniment.


12-15 candidates will be admitted to the final. The repertoire consists of thee works from the contestant’s submitted list of arias. Two of the pieces must be operatic arias. If you have included Israeli's aria in your repertoire, these should be performed in the final. Total performance time per contestant should not exceed 15 minutes. The pieces are to be performed with piano accompaniment

NOTE: The Master-class reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue or terminate all or any ‎part of the Plan either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice.‎

Our Faculty

Dr. Sonia Mazar

JIOM Co-founder, Artistic Director, Vocal Coach, Pianist

The Israeli pianist and vocals' coach Dr. Sonia Mazar is an acclaimed accompanist and one of the leading figures in the field of Italian and Russian Opera in Israel.

She is Assistant of Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she was granted the Europe Forum's award for researching Italian Opera of Ottocento. Sonia is a member of the teacher's staff of the Music & Dance Academy in Jerusalem since 1997, where she serves as a vocal coach in the vocal department. In addition, she serves as a vocal coach in the New Israeli Opera.

Dr. Mazar has also worked for Israeli Festival, Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva and other. She has also officiated at many music festivals and Masterclasses, and she performs regularly in recitals both in Italy, Israel, Russia and Belgian including Moscow International House of Music, Turin University, Brüssel Museum, Ramat Gan Theater and other.

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Johannes Wildner - Conductor

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Simina Ivan - Soprano

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